Settings & Payments

After installing the LeadTrail plugin and activating the license key, you’ll want to update the general and payment settings. Within the settings, you will control: If leads should be auto-published or not If buyers can purchase multiple leads at once Maximum number of leads that any single user can purchase Live or sandbox payments mode …

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What is a Group?

A LeadTrail Group allows you to set specific pricing for that individual Group. This allows you to place leads within specific groups and charge a specific price for that lead based on the group that they are in. You can also select which forms automatically place leads within a group.

Creating a Category

To create a new leads category (which allows you to display leads by individual categories): Within the LeadTrail admin menu, click on Categories Click on Create Category Enter in the Category name, select Category from the Type dropdown Click Create Category

Creating a Group

To create a new leads group (which allows you to display leads by groups that have different prices): Within the LeadTrail admin menu, click on Groups Click on Create Group Enter in the Group name, the Group price, and the form(s) that will automatically populate leads to the Group. Click Create Group

Activating a License

In order to use the LeadTrail plugin, you must have an active license installed. Navigate to the LeadTrail plugin options on the lefthand menu within your WordPress admin dashboard Select the Licensing tab Enter your license key, which can be found in your account settings Click Activate Key

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How Can Lead Management Software Benefit Your Business

Businesses from different industries are unique in their own right, but all share the common goal of growing and sustaining their success. However, expanding is only possible when customers support your sales funnel; that’s why lead generation remains one of the most critical areas in every professional’s marketing arsenal.  Generating leads involves nurturing relationships and …

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